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You Are Not Alone, 6 min, Color, Stereo, United States, 2015

Yufeng Li, born in China, 1990, is a CG artist engaging in the field of independent animation. He began to learn 3ds Max at the age of 10. Now, he is a 3d generalist adept in 3d animation, modeling, rendering, VFX and post-production. He graduated from Pratt Institute, Digital Arts, 3D Animation and Motion Arts MFA program in May, 2015.

n the year of 2058, Beijing becomes uninhabitable due to air pollution and sandstorms. People are forced to live underground, including a teenage girl. The girl wants to see her sister working above-ground and she sets out with two robotic friends: an intelligent sports car and a teddy bear. However, their joinery to the ground is not as easy as expected.