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Goran Gocić,

Introducing the artist, 60 min, Serbia, 2014

Goran Gocić is editor, journalist, writer, filmmaker and translator whose works were published or broadcast by thirty media houses in ten languages. Books: Andy Warhol and pop Strategy (1997/2012), Emir Kusturica: Cult margin (2001/2006/2012/2014), Želimir Žilnik: Above the red dust (2003, co-author), Tai (novel, 2013/2014). Documentary Feature: Bloody Foreigners (2000), Balkan Diary: Bulgaria (2010) and White Schengen.

In his presentation Goran Gocić will present his television documentaries. Bloody foreigners (UK 2001) is a story of the horrors of undeclared work in the UK. In this film he worked as a reporter and cameraman. Balkan Diary: Bulgaria (Bulgaria / Serbia 2010) is about Bulgarian priests in the maelstrom of transition, in which he worked as a screenwriter, cinematographer and director. White Schengen is a work-in-progress of a genre of Serbian troubles with visas during the war years.