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Pablo Diartinez

Out of Reach (Rain Night), 8 min, Stereo, Belgium/Netherlands, 2014

PABLO DIARTINEZ (Córdoba, SPAIN, 04/05/1976) The work and studies of Pablo Diartinez (Córdoba, Spain, 1976) comprise different art fields such as music, painting, graphic design, animation, film direction and transmedia arts. His audiovisual works span from fiction, documentary, videoart and videowalls for contemporary dance to direction of advertising spots or the making of special effects and motion graphics. He takes on design and illustration comissions and created logo’s and visual identity systems for several brands (among which Brussels’ Musical Instruments Museum). His first major work in fiction is the short “Out of Reach (Rain Night)”. He occasionally teaches, lectures, writes and sings on stage.

A nameless poet wanders through Brussels seeking shelter from the rain. Memories of a lost youth love invade his clouded mind. First in a series of short films adapting poems, which feature as text animation and spoken verse in a musical collage of motion graphics and silent live action scenes.