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Christos Hatjoullis, Alex Hatjoullis

Sophie’s story, 6 min, Stereo, United Kingdom, 2016

Shroomstudio is an independent creative agency with digital production facilities based in London Fields. The creative team is led by founders and Directors, Alexander & Christos Hatjoullis with a talented team of specialist in-house & freelance animators. They continue to collaborate with an extensive network of creative specialists in film making, music, architecture, & interactive design. The Directors are actively involved in mentoring, coaching and training with a diverse range of creative sector companies, through one to one guidance and a series of workshops aimed at helping creative businesses maximise their opportunities to grow and expand.

Sophie’s Story was developed from an edited interview with Sophie Morgan; a reformed crack cocaine addict. The film set out to explore addiction from a user’s perspective and explore the social and background factors involved in dependency. Sophie’s Story uses animation to describe an often disjointed and surreal journey from a background of domestic abuse and troubled adolescence into adulthood and having a family and examines what constitutes the catalyst for change along an incredible life journey.