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Zeno van den Broek

Shift Symm.two, 5 min, B&W, Stereo, Netherlands, 2017

Shift Symm is a collection of three audiovisual works in which Zeno van den Broek focuses on the synesthetic play between his auditive and visual techniques. Van den Broek’s sculptural sonic architecture plays on rigorous shifts of compositional symmetry – with results that are both hypnotic and evocative. The works are a window into patterns of formal behavior, an abstract language of rules and interactions drawing inspiration from architecture and the nuances of spatiality. Shifting is a key principle in the three works. Visual and sonic elements – beats, lines and blocks – perpetually breach the symmetry of their arrangements, switch to new paths and start new trajectories. In chains of transformations, order gives way to controlled entropy. Shift Symm will be exclusively digital, exploring the non-physical art forms of sound and moving image. In Shift Symm.two, a grid structure emerges from the artist’s formal language. Simple forms give way to the interplay of multiple moving and shifting layers, overlaps and collisions generating dense textures in sound and vision. These textures eventually open up into new forms of entropy.