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Dave Lojek

Do Kwan Tae,3 min, Austria, 2014

Award winning director and producer Dave Lojek loves shorts. He was born in East-Berlin in 1975. Dave studied English and Culture at Humboldt-University and graduated with a Masters degree. As independent filmmaker and organizer of annual film workshops (KinoKabarets) he teaches short film and creative-writing.

Martial arts world champion Nevena Lukic escapes violent attackers with a relaxed attitude and a smile. She demonstrates the mind set of the DO (the path) uses her arms for defense (KWAN) and never kicks a single opponent (TAE). This parody from Kino Drama was in Innsbruck aims at action movies.

Do Kwan Tae

Author's name: Dave LojekDuration: 03:00 minOriginal title: Do Kwan TaeYear of production: 2014Country of production: AustriaFor more information about this video go to:

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