Become a VOLUNTEER at the Videomedeja Festival!

The International New Media Art Festival Videomedeja is held annually in Novi Sad in October. Working on our Festival, you can always expect a smile, food for the soul, but also the body 🙂


  • Informing friends and citizens, promoting live events via the internet/ social networks
  • Socializing with the guests, instructions with the program, assistance with the locations etc.
  • Exercises at the locations where the program is being implemented
  • Preparation and realization of programs at locations, technical tasks (recording / photographing events, help setting up technical equipment, help with the setting of the mobiliaries / scenography, take / make things, share booklets, take posters to specific institutions and cafes, welcome guests to the hotel, collect city maps, help with guests, etc.).


  • Professional experience
  • If you are student, this can be part of your student practice
  • Recommendation letter from the Association Videomedeja
  • Biography enrichment
  • Socializing with artists and members of the international jury
  • Free food and drink during the Festival and during the preparation

To become part of our volunteer team please send the following informations to and write a Volunteer application in the subject of the message.


  • Name and surname
  • Contact email and phone number
  • What do you do, what do you like?
  • A couple sentences about your interests
  • Why do you want to join us?


  • The personal experience on similar events and jobs if you had it (write the exact name of the event, year and description of the work you did)
  • Facebook profile link
  • Website link

Applications can be sent throughout the year and at the latest by the beginning of September, and the selected candidates will be invited to the interview.

We are glad to receive your application and we hope that the Videomedeja team will select you and you will become part of this year’s International New Media Art Festival Videomedeja.