Theme and Form

Like previous years Video Art Association VIDEOMEDEJA is looking for new art works from the next category and audio-visual media:

  • SCREENING: video art, short films, digital animations
  • MEDIA PROJECT: media installations, interventions in the exhibition space, advanced technologies in artistic practice, interactive visual art, XR (eXtended Reality), AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), MR (mixed reality), robotic objects, net and social media projects, Metaverse, audiovisual performances and experiments, AI art

In addition, we would be very pleased to receive suggestions from editors and producers / distributors for the non-competitive part of the program.

There are no fixed criteria concerning work theme or form. The only works that selection committee will not consider are the ones containing any kind of offensive or aggressive message/content. The submitted works should be produced in 2020, 2021 or 2022.


Please note that we accept only online-based previews (you tube, vimeo or similar). No snail mail sending option.

Costs and participation

Submission through our online Entry form on Videomedeja website require donation. Due to the limited budget, we can’t provide screening fees or cover the travel expenses for the participants. In some cases the Festival is able to provide accommodation in Novi Sad for participants who wish to attend if they send request at least one month before start of the Festival.


Selection committee will make the final selection no later than September 1st 2023 and will inform you immediately upon doing so through temporary entry mailing list where you automatically subscribe by entering the form. If you wish to subscribe to newsletter mailing list, you can do that through contact page on our website If your work is selected for the competition program, we might request a digital file of the screening copy from you.

Copyrights and archive

This part applies only to works and selections selected for the Videomedeja 2023 program. No other entries are included in the festival archive, neither are they presented at the Videomedeja website or considered for broadcasting or tour programs. By submitting your work for the festival program you agree that preview of your work will remain in the festival archive. The Archive is our institutional property and only used for internal purposes and only available to the Videomedeja curators. You agree that your work (or program) will be included in the 27. Videomedeja program: screenings/media projects 2023, in the printed catalogue, in Videomedeja promo video (10-15 sec of each work) as well as in the Videomedeja web pages within its database listings, represented by the title, author’s name, format data, description text and still image.

The 27th International New Media Art Festival Videomedeja is planning to present the regular edition of the Festival, live in front of the audience in the screening room in Novi Sad, Serbia, but…

Due to the epidemiological situation caused by the COVID-19 virus or any emergency situation that may endanger human lives or prohibit gatherings and cultural events, for security reasons, there is a small possibility that this year the Videomedeja festival will be realized via the Internet – online LIVE stream in real time. There will be no replays, nor will there be the possibility of delayed viewing. Access will be free, and registration will not be necessary, nor will there be geolocation restrictions. Your work will receive maximum protection against abuse (from downloading or similar) and immediately after the Festival program is over will no longer be available to the public. By registering for Festival 2023, you give permission for your work to be shown online via the LIVE video stream if necessary.

You agree that your work can be used according to your permit as submitted in the Entry form.


Please use one application per entry piece. Each entry is a sort of agreement and it is necessary to follow the submission procedure.