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Danit Elgev

The Adaption Trilogy, 7:00 mi, B&W, Stereo, Netherlands, 2016

She make films, media and conceptual artworks. Graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, in the department of Audio Visual. Live and work in Amsterdam.

An animated visual audio book, consisting of three parts. The film’s different parts focus on an imaginary city, with its own rhythm and structure. It examines, from three different points of view, the impact the surroundings and the community have on its residents. The story is an allegory to current social matters such as immigration, expatriatism, and the hectic pace of modern big cities. It raises questions on integration and how places influence us. It emphasizes the feelings involved in adapting to a new place.

This audio book in the form of an animation film explores the relationship between a city and its inhabitants. Different characters guide the listeners through their flow of thoughts. What brought the people to the city, why did they stay, what moves them? Neatly designed animations illustrate the intriguing observations.