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Angelina Komarova

Fata Morgana, 09:39 min, Color, Stereo, France, 2019

Born in USSR in 1989, two years after her country became Ukraine. She moved to Moscow in 2014 where she worked as a PA in a production company and later directed a few music videos. Graduated from EICAR in 2019. Her film Fata Mogana received the Best Actress award at the French Cinémathèque.

Kiev 2014., a couple spends their last day together before the young man goes to war, unbeknownst to his loved one.  War destroys, not only by explosions and tanks, A young couple in love is torn, forced to separate, maybe never to see one another again.


The International Film and Television School of Paris, was founded in 1972. The School has developed over the years to become a major European film and television school in filmmaking both in English and French.