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04:05, Color, Stereo
Stylaria: ‘an extraordinary worm from the limnic benthos and phytal… gently swimming between water plants. It is extraordinary due to its very long flexible thigmic proboscis. Eventually, chains of asexually produced animals can be seen’. Water, liquids, fluidity are the common elements of the Mylicon/En live set. Starting from images taken from one of last Mylicon/En live set, (created using only a straw and a videocamera), we played the game of being in a biological lab looking for Stylaria and other ‘freaks of nature’ as biologists call the invisible but incredibly wonderful animals living in water. The soundtrack has been created reducing at the minimum the samples and the elements for the composition: only two different short drum samples have been filtered and combined (hit-hat and bass drum); we followed the evolution of images like in a western movie, in the climax of which there is a sort of ‘duel’.