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Bernhard Loibner

Far Field 02:52, Color, Stereo, AT, 2006

Far Field combines abstract computer-generated images with abstract electronic music. It treats sound and video as equal elements. The visual layer browses abstract surfaces and textures with fragments of a human face repeatedly appearing as some kind of ‘tromp l’oeil’. The sound layer defines the flow and dynamic range of Far Field with the music being closely entangled with the visual events. The subtle pulse of the basic sound element and the melody line reflect the images. They pull the viewer deeper into the visual territories of the piece.
Austrian playwright Arthur Schnitzler depicted in the early 20th century the human soul as a vast landscape (‘weites Land’). In that sense the visual and audible landscape addresses mental processes: elusive perceptions like a landscape passing by, continuously mutating forms where we suppose to recognize familiar patterns and fragments of memories, connotations of images and sounds, approximation and distance, the wider view of things.