You are currently viewing META[CC]: Open Captioning for the Politically Impaired

Conglomco Media Net and Tyler Jacobsen

META[CC]: Open Captioning for the Politically Impaired net project, US, 2006

META[CC] attempts to take the flood of data from the mainstream news media and rework it into a political commentary. Asking us to reconsider the information we have found ways to channel through such media streaming tools as RSS feeds. To be a part of the META[CC] process/project the user selects key words and submits RSS feeds to its database. Using the keywords, it parses through the feeds and then creates sentences for its closed caption video channeling system. The video feeds are from live broadcasts of current news events. When the newly added META[CC] captions are overlaid on these, they take on a new meaning. META[CC] re-appropriates the news broadcast and reveals its meaning in relation to the news data it is a part of.