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Federico Solmi

Rocco Never Dies 03:52, Color, Mono, US, 2005

Rocco Never Dies is a drawing animation based on the XXX movie of Italian porn superstar Rocco Siffredi. It is a documentary of the life of one of the greatest Italian icons in U.S. society of all times. In the original movie, Rocco Siffredi plays the role of a special agent, a kind of a hardcore version of James Bond. In his great efforts to save the world from a nuclear terrorist attack, Rocco Siffredi is running into a lot of dangerous adventures, and of course gorgeous sex performances, but all for one goal: to save humanity from evil. The animation will take place in this absurd scenario of an imminent world catastrophe in which Rocco, during his call for duty, will discover to be mortal. In fact, during the filming of his masterpiece Rocco Never Dies, Rocco Siffredi will have a heart attack while he is performing in a gang bang.