In the Balkans APSOLUTNO 0002 | 02:30, B/W, Stereo, RS, 1998

This video presents a view of the Balkans from the outside of this region. The material for this video was shot at the Black Sea, in Bulgaria, in SECAM system. It was then edited on NTSC based AVID system in the U.S. without transferring. The result is a black and white stretched image, rich in glitches and noise caused by the manipulation with an incompatible source. The NTSC master copy was then transferred into PAL and brought back to the Balkans… In this video association APSOLUTNO presents the view of the Balkans from the outside as a view which is not direct, but rather mediated through a filter of technology, and media representations based on various assumptions. Through these filters the Balkans is presented as something IN BULK, a distant black and white mass, without a structure or organization. The image is hardly readable as it lacks clarity.