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David Larcher

Introducing the artist, David Larcher screening of: videØvoid : Trailer and videØvoid : Text | excerpts from the other ones, 120 min, GB, 2008

Among British film-makers, David Larcher is someone deeply immersed both in the process of his work and in that of his own being. His moving images reveal the innate nature of film or of video, and his work is a constantly exploratory process. Larcher studied anthropology and paleontology before embarking on his film career, and his films are many layered. One senses that his process is essentially an archeological one that is at the same time informed by psycho-analysis. In more recent videos, Larcher has moved from the chemistry of film to the physics of the electronic matter he is now engaged with, and his film Videovoid seems to work from nothing, or rather from signal, static, screen snow – the inchoate stuff of the medium.