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Michaela Nettell

Under Skies 3:30, Color, Stereo, GB, 2008

Sequential photographs of a model-boat lake at dawn are projected onto sets, re-photographed and animated into new scenes. The projected stills are manipulated through mirrors and curved glass to create kaleidoscopic patterns of light and colour, transforming the environment into something otherworldly. Location recordings are diffused through sheets of glass and jam jars, and granulated into minute parts: time-slices of sounds.
Colours in the sky, shadows in the trees and on the surface of the water are reflected and warped into shimmering compositions. They fade, stutter and merge, accelerating and decelerating in rhythmic flux. City sounds, fluttering leaves and underwater echoes resonate through the glass in layers that pulse and swell.
The work attempts to pause and look more closely on an everyday, urban backdrop; to capture and expand hundreds of tiny, frozen moments that might otherwise escape us or pass by unseen.