You are currently viewing Paisajes de catamarca

Juan Rey

Paisajes de catamarca 07:20, Color, Stereo, AR, 2009

Catamarca* is the moon.
And above that field moon land, an animal sleeps men dreams’.
Sweets, volcano, pailas**, stones, adobe, gaznate***, quince, progress.
when the afternoon arrives, son and ground hurt, his Owner bet his pride
Instinct duels that mark his destiny begins.
Catamarca’s landscape is a compendium of fantasies, realities and pre concepts.
A strange memory of that land, of that joy and the inhabitants’ passions.
At the end, you can hear a chalchalero**** practicing his song.

* Argentinian province
** pot made of copper
*** sweet bread
**** typical bird of Catamarca