You are currently viewing Whispering to Flowers

Corinna Schnitt, 60 min, Germany, 2018

Corinna Schnitt films are constructed from a mixture of documentary observation and the fictional, a precise balance of observation and irony. The settings and protagonists are borne of social structures and relationships. These attempts to come to terms with daily life invite identification and inspire laughter at the same time, thereby maintaining the viewer’s distance. They subtly question reality and demand that we examine our own clichés and utopias.

Nothing is arbitrary about Corinna Schnitt’s universe, in neither the sounds nor the visuals. The picture was designed with a static or steadily moving camera in mind: slow zooms, tracking shots and pans. All of the camera’s movements are carefully coordinated with the narration, timing is everything and it all works perfectly.

Corinna Schnitt shows a selection of her short videos.