Jan Verbeek tonight 00:30, Color, Silent, PI, DE, 2001 A window at night, lighted from within. The silhouette of a woman can be seen. She cleans the window, obsessively, and…

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Jan Verbeek Interferenz 07:42, Color, Stereo, DE, 1990 'Meditation of a partial description of nature based upon video time.'

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On a Wednesday Night in Tokyo

Jan Verbeek On a Wednesday Night in Tokyo 05:35, Color, Stereo, JP, DE, 2004 Tokyo, 11pm. People entering a train. Shot in one take the video communicates the inevitable up…

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Introducing the Artist, Jan Verbeek

Jan Verbeek Introducing the Artist, Jan Verbeek  DE, 2008 Jan Verbeek was born 1966 in Bonn, Germany. From 1987 to 1989 he studied Art History, Literature and Communication Research at…

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APSOLUTNO SERBEIKO APSOLUTNO 0000 | video installation/documentation, RS, 2000 SERBEIKO is a video installation which represents a strong association of reading of times. It is an authentic interpretation of social…

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In the Balkans

APSOLUTNO In the Balkans APSOLUTNO 0002 | 02:30, B/W, Stereo, RS, 1998 This video presents a view of the Balkans from the outside of this region. The material for this…

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APSOLUTNO GOOD EVENING APSOLUTNO 0004 | 08:00, Color, Stereo, RS, 1996 This video refers to the 'evening' of the millennium and the impact of the media on the experience of…

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APSOLUTNO ABSOLUTELY DEAD APSOLUTNO 0005 | 07:00, Color, Stereo, RS, 1995 The video is a pseudo-documentary of a pseudo-investigation into a death case. The victims are two half-built and abandoned…

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Jung-Chul Hur Radiate 02:30, Color, Stereo, KR, 2008 Radiate is an abstract audio-visual short film of constantly changing colours, light, shapes, lines and sounds. It combines the radiation of visual…

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Andrew Bucksbarg Fracture 02:57, Color, Stereo, US, 2008 Fracture is a music video inspired from the history of visual music and experimental animation, exploring light and 2-dimensional form using super-bright…

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Telcosystems LOUDTHINGS 14:00, Color, Dolby SR, NL, 2008 LOUDTHINGS is an audiovisual account of an expedition into the innards of the computer. Using a set of elementary instructions such as…

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Quayola Strata#1 02:00, Color, Stereo, GB, 2008 Strata #1 is an audio-visual installation that explores the icons of Rome’s renaissance architecture and focuses on the layering of times, functions and…

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Quayola Rome 02:25, Color, Stereo, GB, 2007 The piece Rome is an investigation into the icons of Rome’s renaissance architecture and the dissolution of their compactness. Through a combination of…

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Qian Li Fugue 06:14, Color, Stereo, US, 2008 This video, inspired by a dream, is the life story of two humanized dots discovering love and hardship within today’s society. The…

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A City in Five Minutes

Laurynas Navidauskas A City in Five Minutes 05:30, Color, Stereo, CA, 2007 Taking its cues from the tradition of city movies in the first half of the twentieth century, A…

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7 1/2 Women

Bidzina Kanchaveli 7 1/2 Women 7 1/2 Frauen, 08:00, Color, Stereo, DE, 2006 A man live in an endless floor. 7 Women, all naked and deathly pale, try to enter…

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The Raven

Anatol Grosu The Raven Corbul, 10:40, B/W, Stereo, MD, 2006 Film about introspection of guilt and pursuit of peace. Director tried to convey the manifestation of twinges of conscience.

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Pas de Deux

eddie d Pas de Deux 01:58, Color, Stereo, NL, 2007 Choreography for 4 right-wing hands looking for a glove.

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Secret Strike Rabobank

Alicia Framis Secret Strike Rabobank 09:17, Color, Stereo, NL, 2004 Just an ordinary weekday at the Rabobank head office. Employees are performing their usual tasks. The camera takes a tour…

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Love Comes To Me

Oliver Pietsch Love Comes To Me 05:10, Color, Stereo, DE, 2007 Music Video about crying people in movies. Music from Bonnie Prince Billy.

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