Walking City Redox

Michiel van Bakel 03:30, Color, Stereo, NL, 2011 The extremely slow combustion of a utopian model (Walking City by Archigram) forms a symbolic image and an aesthetic experience: the ineffable…

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The Streets of the Invisibles

Remo Rauscher 11:15, Color, Stereo, AT, 2011 Mike Stone (Karl Malden) and Steve Keller (Michael Douglas) are back on today's streets to catch a homicidal maniac who should have been…

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Killer Tranny

Antonio Santini 04:59, Color, Stereo, US, 2011Killer Tranny is a sad parody about homophobia and self-hate in the gay community, starring Cumshot, the homophobic tranny. The film depicts how silly…

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Pascal Fendrich, Bernd Härpfer 04:20, Color, Stereo, DE, 2011Several passengers’ feet are dangling from gondolas of the fairground ride ›Stargate‹. They’re excited about an unusual roller coaster ride that will…

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Bill Domonkos 12:00, BW, Stereo, US, 2011An intense juxtapose of disconnect and emotion. NERVOUS96 invokes the chiaroscuro spirit of a woman lonely, desperate, in debt, trying to connect in a…

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Slick Horsing

Kiron Hussain 02:44, Color, Stereo, GB, 2010 A fragmented allegory — the lady kindles her photo-sensitive epilepsy in lieu of heroin.

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Shabnam Piryaei 05:54, Color, Stereo, US, 2011We witness the devastating aftermath of war in a film that integrates original music and poetry. https://www.facebook.com/videomedeja/videos/301287327562550/

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Charles Fairbanks Irma, 12:15, Color, Stereo, MX, 2010 Special Mention Jury member, Zoran Bojović highlights "Irma", the work of Charles Fairbanks, due to perfectly selected subject matter. Irma is an…

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Artist’s Statement

Faith Holland Artist's Statement, 02:40, Color, Stereo, US, 2011 Special Mention Jury member, Čed Pakuševskij highlights the work “Artist’s Statement” by Faith Holland because of the subversive potential of the…

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Neil Ira Needleman Meeskeit, 07:30, Color, Stereo, US, 2011 Special Mention Jury member, Leila Topić gives special recognition to Ira Neil Needleman for his work "Meeskeit" because of the bitter…

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Anouk de Clercq Oh, 08:00, BW, Stereo, BE, 2010 Special Mention Jury jointly gives special recognition to Anouk de Clercq for her work "Oh" because of the very strong audio/visual…

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A Finnish Fable

Niina Suominen A Finnish Fable, 05:35, Color, Stereo, FI, 2011 Sphinx Award After several hours of discussion, an international jury composed of Leila Topić, Zoran Bojović and Čed Pakuševskij decided…

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Experimental artists and their offspring

Leila Topić , HR, 2011 Born in Zagreb, Croatia, in 1972, graduated in History of Art and Comparative Literature in University of Zagreb, Philosophy Department. She collaborated in a number…

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Tina Willgren 04:13, Color, Stereo, SE, 2011Leftover training clothes working out. https://www.facebook.com/videomedeja/videos/1371779896365840/

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Leap of faith

Leap of faith 03:03, Color, Mono, IL, 2010 The video starts with a shot of the artist wearing a suit, standing on the window’s edge, getting ready to make the…

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1,2,3 Herring

Shahar Marcus 02:27, Color, Mono, IL, 2011 "1,2,3,Herring" video work, naming after the famous children game, presents the artist playing in front of three cardboard figure, dressed in a gray…

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Home Movies

Ron Lambert 04:00, Color, Stereo, US, 2011 After producing a series of videos based on the urban environment I decided to focus on the area I live in. Home Movies…

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Ezra Wube 02:41, Color, Mute, US, 2009 Stop action animation, ink on glass. https://www.facebook.com/videomedeja/videos/284989085849820/

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Paper girl

Ora Kolmanovsky 04:34, BW, Stereo, IL, 2011 Video-art usage of paper cut objects as a personal research after duality, inspired by shadows and lights. https://www.facebook.com/videomedeja/videos/622008585061089/

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Flashings in the Mirror

Jasper Elings 01:12, Color, Stereo, NL, 2009A video composed with shared flashing-in-the-mirror photo's found with Google image search. https://www.facebook.com/videomedeja/videos/191065025316705/

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