Ezra Wube 01:46, Color, Mute, South Africa, 2011Stop action animation using paper clips.

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Machinery – Video 1

Luis Soldevilla 03:03, Color, Stereo, Netherlands, 2011This video explores - in an abstract way - the motion generated by machines that "carry away" the citizens and how this machine at…

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Juan Pablo Zaramella 06:00, Color, Stereo, Argentina, 2012, AR, 2012 In a world controlled and timed by light, an ordinary man has a plan that could change the natural order…

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Le Llamaremos Bobby

Paco Cavero 12:59, Color, Stereo, Spain, 2011 Antonio and his son, Antonio Jr., come back from fishing on the day of the son's birthday. They have an argument because of…

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Helio Mira Immobile, 09:00, Color, Stereo, Spain, 2012 When an entire generation of young people decides to stand still, a family looks anxious at his immobile son. It may be…

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Il était une fois un Artiste

Arjan Brentjes Once Upon a Time There/He was an Artist, 06:34, Color, Stereo, Netherlands, 2011 In a flooded city two existentialist artists climb out of the water. Will they adapt…

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Hollywood Movie

Volker Schreiner 07:00, Color, Mono, Germany, 2012 A transformation of Nam June Paik's text "film scenario" into a movie. Hollywood stars speak Paik: "You can make any Hollywood movie interesting,…

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Garbage Glitter, Pt. 2

Robert Dohrmann 04:22, Color, Stereo, United States, 2012Selected garbage clips, such as counters, leaders, scratches, burns, dust spots and random visuals accidentally created over time, have been gathered from discarded…

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Goran Radovanović 06:46, Color, Stereo, Belgium, 2012Cityscapes of transitional societies are vivid and lively, partly because of their fast development, and in part it is due to moving forward without…

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Lernert & Sander 03:00, Color, Stereo, Netherlands, 2011 The artist duo Lernert & Sander are known for their witty and colorful video works that stylistically remind of the world of…

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Ana Hušman Nogomet, 14:45, Color, Stereo, Croatia, 2011Mexico City. Two squads. Us and them. Playing 51st minute. 1:0Author is dealing with the movement and the way camera reflects it -…

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Monotremu Artificii, 01:58, Color, Stereo, Romania, 2012The work presents a series of controlled explosions carried out in several mining areas, synchronized with a fireworks sound background. In a certain way,…

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El Espanto

J.J. Marcos 15:30, Color, Stereo, Spain, 2011 Alvaro Torres is a normal guy that unexpectedly beset by terrible nightmares and hallucinations, with appalling creatures that will take him to the…

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Mauri Lehtonen 01:20, Color, Stereo, Finland, 2012A deadly alien virus spreads throughout the world. A short video made with a broken digital camera.

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Days of Future Past

Past Joe Hambleton 07:44, Color, Stereo, Canada, 2012Video is cut up, randomly selected and interwoven with objects from author’s travels. His process is changed, memories are stirred. Visions of the…

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Dark Night Sallies Forth

Marc Atkinson 05:49, Color, Stereo, United Kingdom, 2012Dark Night Sallies Forth was filmed at Happisburgh a village in North Norfolk, whose residencies near the coast regularly experience severe erosion and…

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Dancing Landscapes

07:27, Color, Stereo, Cyprus, 2012With random shots taken from an area around the artist’s residence over three years and superimposed with world news headlines, as they appeared on the day…

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Cooperation with M. Pereira 03:00, Color, Stereo, Portugal, 2011 Film about the fragment and the illusion of the continuum. Shot at the Port of Lisbon the film is also a…

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Chickpeace | Peace Vs War Journalism

Oded LevRan Credit to: Maxence Cyrin - Where Is My Mind (The Pixies Piano Cover), 03:09, Color, Stereo, Israel, 2012 An educational short film presenting the concept of Peace Journalism,…

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Broken time

Johannes Gierlinger 01:00, Color, Dolby SR, Austria, 2012Made out of Found Footage 16 mm Material “Broken time” follows the tradition of Hand Made Film and layering of Film and Material.…

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