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Piotr Krajewski

The selection of video art works from the agenda of the 10th International Media Art Biennale WRO 03 PL

WRO International Media Art Biennale is a major manifestation of new media art in Poland and Central Europe. Since its first edition in 1989 WRO has been representing art heading away from mass culture towards dis-massed one created by contemporary means of artistic creation and communication. Initially as Sound Basis Visual Art Festival, WRO was committed mainly to present audiovisual creations in video and computer arts, installations, performances and various mixed-media activities. Later on, since 1993 and already functioning as a biennale, apart from the audiovisual topics it explores also new strategies and territories of digital artistic communication. Globalica, the watchword of the last WRO Biennale that took place in May 2003, expresses an encouragement for an artistic play with global culture of the society of the spectacle. It puts forward a question about an artist’s role in the face of intermingling high and popular culture; global and local; commercial and independent.