You are currently viewing Das Kapital version.07 . Moral and economic division from the digital dissolution over the bla bla bla… The american images

Marcello Mercado

17:00, Color, Stereo
Arithmetic operations, mathematical conventions. The Capital-Scene. Reconstruct the 3D coordinates of the 2D points that are tracked … to Temporary autonomous Zones…Wireframe? Quickshade? Realistic? Segment Memory in limited region. Surface without control, points or handles. Commands less destructive. Big brains in the selection and elimination. The Capital: Extremely long reponse times, consistent errors. Marked confabulation and ideational perseveration on Logical Memory. A 3-dimensional grid x-y-z coordinates. Proof-schema A gravitational pull in pixels perframe. Substitution – consistency – conjuntion. Superposition between sequences. Visual Reproduction and Associative Learning. Function Random… Pushing images. Documentary, 3D tangential and irrelevant from documentalistic images.