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Rä di Martino

03:00, Color, Stereo
The relationship between the film industry and the authorities can be complex, particularly when both parties are of worldwide importance, as with Hollywood and the United States government. In the Western world, in accordance with the ideals of freedom and democracy, this relationship should be an independent one, but in reality it is not, witness the fact that the information service of the American army sponsors films which show the army to its best advantage. And even without financial support, Hollywood is inclined to promote the American way of thinking and to put the ‘enemy’ in a bad light, as in, for example, the Rambo movies. Rambo is an icon of both the movie phenomenon of ‘mega blockbusters’ and a typically American kind of heroism. This is why, for ‘Untitled (Rambo)’, Rä di Martino chose this particular hero for what she wanted to uncover.