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Messieurs Delmotte

Breakdown Dream 17:35, Color, Stereo, BE, 2006

The work of Messieurs Delmotte is situated somewhere between reality and imagination, somewhere between genius and dilettantism. Delmotte is distinguished by his dress code and facial appearance. He always presents himself in a two- or three-piece suit. His semi-long hair is another distinctive trait, overabundantly daubed with gel, combed flat against his head and cut straight across at the bottom. The finishing touch, an exceedingly precise stripe down the middle, completes the geometric coiffure. Delmotte puts forth a character who dashingly barrages his audience with gestural discoveries that are as unpredictable as they are absurd. In all this merriment and nonsense lies the existential and poetic revolt of the work. It is always about interfering in a situation, about engaging an hilarious and heroic battle with the trivial object, a character of a given circumstance.