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Monkey_Party nteractive video installation, FR, 2007

Bogdanka Poznanović Award

This interactive project introduces the specific usage of everyday devices in creating a dialogue between our perception of technology and expectations that are imposed by this technology. Its an intuitive stroll through what seems to be an endless stream of questions, options, choices and experiences. (jury members: Kathrin Becker, Dirk Deblauwe, Aleksandra Sekulić)

Monkey_Party is an interactive video installation that aims to sneak into our daily lives by manipulating common household audio-video equipment (TV, DVD player, stereo …) in order to open our senses to new experiences. It’s an alternative audiovisual encounter between performances, video, experimental cinema and digital art. Within a multidimensional universe, the six works that make up Monkey_Party, explores the themes of modifications, displacement and transformation through our different spheres of emotions and sensations. The user is required to take part in this universe. He or she needs to react with the remote control to search, wait, find, and immerge into the world of Monkey_Party.