Videomedeja 2006


Nataša Teofilović White video installation, RS, 2006 A dress 3D animation (free of body) and a still of morning shadow alternate. The sound of fire is in the background.

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Michael Maziere Assassin video installation, GB, 2005 The figure of the assassin dominates contemporary media and cultural history. Assassin explores the seductive spectacle of crime as manifested in cinema through…

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Public Spaces

Martijn Veldhoen Public Spaces, 10:53, Color, Stereo, NL, 2006 Nagrada Sfinga In the category of video art work, the first prize was won by the work called Public Spaces by Martijn…

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Cultural Quarter

Mike Stubbs Cultural Quarter 10:00, Color, Stereo, GB, 2003 Sphinx Award A piece that raises ethical questions on social voyeurism as well as social behaviour. Looking at the surveillance-like images,…

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Andrea Arnold Dog 09:48, Color, Stereo, GB, 2001 Fifteen-year-old Leah comes from a housing estate that backs onto the dogend of the Thames some 20 miles east of London. She…

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Anouk de Clercq Building collaboration with Joris Cool and Anton Aeki, 12:30, B/W, Stereo, BE, 2003 Sphinx Award First prize went to the video which is creating sofisticated structure combining…

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Anita Sarosi ViewPoint NézoPőnt, 09:00, Color, Sound, HU, 2001 'We are like the flow of the white waters Like their quickly disappearing foam Or like the dreams of a slumberer…

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Renata Poljak Jump 04:00, Color, Sound, HR, 2000 A woman walks back and forth on a diving board repeating 'Shall I jump or not' while the sweat from her pacing…

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