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Francesca Mazzoleni

1989, 30 min, Dolby SR, Italy, 2015

Francesca Mazzoleni (Catania, 1989) is an italian film-maker and photographer. She graduated in 2015 in direction at CSC with 1989 . She works in Rome and Berlin. She made Il Premio (short, 2015); The Empty boat (videoclip, 2014); Sbarre doc. 2014 with students CSC; “Schönhauser Allee” (short 2009)

The journey of Katrin and his father  in a Berlin that doesn’t exist anymore. A journey to fill lapse of memory confused by Alzheimer and to collect details about a story never told : a story about a woman disappeared in a cold night of 1989.

Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia

Founded in 1935,CSC is the oldest and most famous Italian institution in the field of filmmaking.The three-year programme offers courses in Cinematography,Editing,Production, Acting, Direction, Screenwriting, Set and Costume Design, Sound, Animation, Documentary, Audiovisual Communication.