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Dalibor Barić (1974) is a Croatian experimental filmmaker whose works often explores traditional genres like science fiction and horror. Using found objects as his source material, Barić uses collage techniques in order to produce sophisticated psychedelic narratives that often blur the lines between our outer and inner realities. Moreover, Barić’s work also calls into question issues surrounding artistic practices in the digital age including ideas about authenticity, simulation/replication and appropriation.

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Astronaut of Featherweight (2017)

Jupiter May Be Closer Than You Think (2016)

Unknown Energies, Unidentified Emotions (2015);

All Catacombs are Gray(2014);

My Game of Longing(2014);

A Trace in the Soot (2013);

Marienbad First Aid Kit(2013);

Amnesiac on the Beach (2013);

The Spectres of Veronica(2011);

New Hippie Future (2011);

Pain So Light That Appears As Tickle (2010);

The Mind from Nowhere (2010);

The Horror of Dracula (2010);

Ghost Porn in Ectoplasm! But How? (2010);

Nymph Gloss Atari (2010):