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Britt Dunse

Norden, 07:15, Color, Stereo
‘Norden’ isn’t just a mere direction – it’s a place where fantasy and dream melt together. Here we realize life’s transitoriness and the desire each individual has for love and understanding. The origami birds are a reflection of two souls that don’t share the actual continuum that clears a path to loneliness, the most remarkable emotion. Norden/North comes as a link between many forms of art: spoken poems, origami as paper art, alternation between 2D and 3D, computer animation, actors. The perspectives are continually changing. However, the film manages to put all these elements into a single light and lively rhythm. A Post-It and confetti love story, everyday scenes appear in a paper world, somewhere between dreams and cut-out forms. ‘Now I wait, hoping for another miracle to come’; or about the difficulty to express closeness.