Eternal Sunset

Adriaan Stellingwerff Eternal Sunset net project, AU, 2006 Eternal Sunset creates the experience of a continuous sunset through the use of live images from existing online webcams around the world.…

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Richard Vickers 15x15  net project, GB, 2006 In 1968 Andy Warhol stated that: 'In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes'. Using Warhol’s statement as a premise, 15x15…

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babel Urbanalities  net project, CA, 2006 Part short story, poem, animated comic and musical, 10 scenes in 10 minutes, based loosely on the story of one young woman's day in…

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Alexander Mouton Velvet net project, US, 2006 Velvet explores states of mind, dreams, and memory. The piece has four sections that transition one into the other. Interactivity plays a significant…

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Michael Takeo Magruder {transcription} net project, GB, 2006 {transcription} examines the mediated histories generated by today’s news corporations and reflects upon our collective preoccupation with real-time information generation, distribution and…

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Jeldrik Schmuch and Ulrike Gollner Memento interactive video installation, AT, 2006 Memento is an interactive video installation that allows interaction between visitor, machine and other visitors through time. Each visitor…

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Nataša Teofilović White video installation, RS, 2006 A dress 3D animation (free of body) and a still of morning shadow alternate. The sound of fire is in the background.

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Michael Maziere Assassin video installation, GB, 2005 The figure of the assassin dominates contemporary media and cultural history. Assassin explores the seductive spectacle of crime as manifested in cinema through…

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