projekcije 2009

Wound Footage

Thorsten Fleisch Wound Footage 06:02, Color, Stereo, DE, 2009 Source material is a found footage super 8 film. The visual carrier was attacked in a multitude of ways. It was…

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dead SEEquences

Fabio Scacchioli dead SEEquences 04:11, Color, Stereo, IT, 2009 "dead SEEquences" is a video composed of 3770 frames. Working frame by frame, we find that nothing happens inside each single…

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Hitchcock Heroine

Scott Bagus, Kelly Monico Hitchcock Heroine 02:15, BW, Stereo, MX, 2009 Hitchcock Heroine features the leading female figures from four Alfred Hitchcock films; "Psycho”, "Stage Fright", "Notorious" and "Rebecca". The…

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Crude Carrier

Pascal Fendrich, Bernd Härpfer Crude Carrier 06:31, Color, Stereo, TR, DE, 2009 On its way along the Bosporus, the border between Europe and Asia, an oil tanker gets into a…

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Red Revenge

Eunha Choi Red Revenge 6, Color, Stereo, US, 2009 Based on quirky yet poignant vignettes from pre-adolescence, Red Revenge is a surreal animation that takes us on a journey through…

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black hole

Johanna Reich black hole 02:00, Color, Stereo, DE, 2009 The video black hole shows a strategy to escape in front of a camera. A person dressed in black diggs a…

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in Aporia

Michal Ronen in Aporia 03:35, Color, Stereo, IL, 2008 A relationship between the Skin– a structured border, and the content- A system of abstract red strings or lines with no…

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Alicja Rogalska Bastet 07:45, Color, Mono, GB, EG, 2008 Site-specific video installation created in Alexandria, Egypt, during Dwayer International Female Artists Workshop. A beautifully laid table was left in the…

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Horizon #2

Matthew Ortega Horizon #2 1:31, Color, Stereo, ES, 2009 Made in the city of Barcelona, Horizon is a video work that tries to summarize this unique city by the textures…

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Vicent Gisbert Soler AU 5min 45seg , BW, Stereo, ES, 2008 Another day. Another space. This is the moment to put the things in order. I need to start the…

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Exile Paranoia

Nassrin Nasser Exile Paranoia 10:30, Color, Stereo, GB, IR, 2009 The consequences of geopolitical conflicts can alter our personal life and restrict our choices. As an Iranian, I found myself…

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Timo Katz Whirr 2:30, Color, Stereo, DE, 2006 With mechanical precision this ‘landscape animation’ captures the tension between differences and repetitions of form sampled in a suburban housing estate.

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Brilliant City

D-Fuse Brilliant City 14:30, Color, Stereo, GB, CN, 2009 The title refers to the location, a residential complex comprised of 25 high rises in the northern part of Shanghai (China).…

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