Videomedeja 2005

Cultural Quarter

Mike Stubbs Cultural Quarter, 10:00, Color, Stereo, GB, 2003 Nagrada Sfinga A piece that raises ethical questions on social voyeurism as well as social behaviour. Looking at the surveillance-like images, edited…

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onoxo live audiovisual performance Create form, then change it to create a new one. Repeat forever...

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Sara Kolster, Derek Holzer live audiovisual performance Many sounds and images in our everyday lives slip past our notice simply because they are too small, or because we lack the…

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Disembodied Voices

Jody Zellen url Disembodied Voices is a meditation on the nature of public space. It is a visual representation of how different bodies communicate across space, using cell phones as…

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Soda url | application Sodaconductor allows to create, animate and control complex audiovisual structures via the assemblage of most minimal ingredients or 'building blocks': simple sonic waveform generators controlled by…

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Ricardo Gadea Lacasa, Elena Stanić url | application ARKAIK_ is an interactive-architecture piece which allows users to navigate through a virtual space, visually inspired in the main hallway and archs…

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Sara Kolster, Marc Boon, Derek Holzer url SoundTransit is a collaborative, online community dedicated to field recording and phonography. On this site, you can plan a sonic journey through various…

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chamanic interferences

Brian Mackern application | url chamanic interferences is a series of 23 soundtoys and other image-sound objects is a stage in a process that began in 2001 is about sensible…

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Eisenstein’s Monster

<h3>babel</h3> <strong>url</strong> Make your own video monsters - 'Eisenstein's Monster' is a participatory video piece, a tongue-in-cheek coupling of Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein' and the montage theories of Sergei Eisenstein.

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<h3>Linda Wallace</h3> <strong>video installation</strong> 'Displayed as three projections in the gallery, the imagery is composed of a kaleidoscope of green fields, blue skies, popular television and urban environments. These video…

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Green Ideas

<h3>Osvaldo Cibils</h3> <strong>Ideas Verdes, url</strong> Pieza netart: latin_lumpen/ideas verdes [ Caracol Aplysia - Bety Work - Genres Memory - El Estado del Arte - Blake Toshiba ]

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Ursula Wittmer

Studied History of Art and Philosophy, Dr. G.J. Lischka. Studies of Video and Broadcasting at the New York University. Since 1990 curator of national Art projects and exhibitions in Switzerland…

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Alessandro Capozzo url Abstract-codex is a container of web based computational artworks. Main project focus is exploring and sharing the possibilities of coding as an expressive/emotional medium. In this vision…

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Jan Schuijren

Sociological studies and post-graduate in New Media. Worked with the Netherlands Media Art Institute, Montevideo/Time Based Arts, Amsterdam until 2001. Since 2002 working as an independent curator, developing and presenting…

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Model Statt Berlin

visomat inc. 10:00, Color, Stereo Modell Statt Berlin is, after Montage, De- , the second av-track of a series that looks into the subject of the international architecture of the…

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Canned Despair

Hung Chi Wing 03:00, Color, Stereo 'We can't escape the disaster' is my main concept of my animation. Animal have been eaten by human, human have been killed by natural…

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Edward Zajec 06:30, Color, Stereo glAmor is a visual ode to the mysterious powers with which geometry inexplicably stirs our emotions.

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