Videomedeja 2005

The Conquest of Happiness

Oliver Pietsch video installation The Conquest of Happiness is a found footage work about drug use in movies. The presented material includes early cinema as well as new productions. TCOH…

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Papillon d’ Amour

Nicolas Provost 04:00, B/W, Stereo According to the world community of cinema buffs, Kurosawa's film Rashomon (1951) belongs to the top ten of absolute cinema classics. This film recounts the…

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Robert Praxmarer interactive installation In this installation – originally designed as a video game – the player can slip into the role of a George W. Bush, Osama Bin Laden…

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Volker Schreiner 06:30, Color, Mono This is a work based on found footage. Schreiner extracted sequences with numbers from many movies, both classic and obscure. Using these short fragments he…

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Room 112

Adad Hannah video installation Room 112 starts with the celebrity interview convention of shot / reverse shot and then expands and disintegrates it as the piece progresses. The hotel room…

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Shake It Baby

Minna Suoniemi Naamat, 00:40, Color, Stereo Shake it Baby is an animation edited into a frantic rhythm. The animation consists of multiple still images of a moving face frozen Into…

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EU 2020 ?

Myriam Thyes 02:30, Color, Stereo The flag of the European Union transforms itself into all the flags of its member countries, from west to east, and further more into the…

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Christine de la Garenne video installation The videoimage shows a slowed down macro-shot of a prayer cord (catholic rosary or islamic tesbih). The string of pearls is divided in short…

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Before I was sad

Jean-Gabriel Périot Avant j 'étais triste, 02:00, Color, Stereo 'Before, I was sad. I was living alone with my mom, in a large flat…'

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A Choreography for two imprisoned Eyes

Veronika Bökelmann video installation A choreography for two imprisoned eyes shows two eyes using a beauty tool to shapen the eyelashes. A macro exposure observes the separate, slow movements of…

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Tropic of Capricorn

Kika Nicolela Trópico de Capricórnio, 30:00, Color, Stereo Four transvestites are brought in to a hotel room on the same night. One by one, they take on the director’s game:…

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Laurent Pernot 02:15, Color, Stereo One naked man and a kaleidoscope of floating faces capture your attention in this dreamy piece of computer animation. Am I a single man or…

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Maybe Not

Oliver Pietsch 04:25, Color, Stereo Maybe not is a music video about people jumping from roofs. The presented material is found footage.

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Dennis Miller 09:20, Color, Stereo Faktura is a work that explores a series of virtual environments, focusing on the infinite variety of forms and textures one might find. Morphing, evolving…

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Cross Contours

Dennis Miller 09:53, Color, Stereo Cross Contours explores a variety of nearly identifiable icons and images and develops numerous associations among them. The work is in three sections, with each…

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Mylicon/En 04:05, Color, Stereo Stylaria: 'an extraordinary worm from the limnic benthos and phytal... gently swimming between water plants. It is extraordinary due to its very long flexible thigmic proboscis.…

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13 Buildings

Jay Needham 05:53, Color, Stereo 13 Buildings is a narrative video that reflects on the evaporative nature of memory and our hopes and ideas towards a journey home. The lanes…

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Frank Theys Zelfportret, video installation Nagrada Bogdanka Poznanović A simple, basic, yet strong idea translated very well in this personal monitor work. Headlessly sitting in front of his computer monitor…

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Untitled (Rambo)

Rä di Martino 03:00, Color, Stereo The relationship between the film industry and the authorities can be complex, particularly when both parties are of worldwide importance, as with Hollywood and…

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Das Kapital version.07 . Moral and economic division from the digital dissolution over the bla bla bla… The american images

Marcello Mercado 17:00, Color, Stereo Arithmetic operations, mathematical conventions. The Capital-Scene. Reconstruct the 3D coordinates of the 2D points that are tracked ... to Temporary autonomous Zones...Wireframe? Quickshade? Realistic? Segment…

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